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Regen Wingecarribee


A shire wide transition to Landscape Regeneration through Nature based Solutions to aid in the reduction of our emissions to net zero by 2035.

All areas of Regen Action Wingecarribee – Urban, Rural and National reserves - are focused on implementing Landscape Regeneration practices across our Shire.

Due to the ability of this system of land management to capture substantial quantities of emissions through soil carbon sequestration, it is a critical component in the pursuit of our organisation's goal of achieving net zero emissions for the Wingecarribee Shire.

The project is a whole of shire transition to Landscape Regeneration where we are declaring an aspirational target to transform at least 50% of the privately owned rural landscape within our shire to a Regenerative Landscape practice. Using best practice, landscape management has proven to be revolutionary in mitigating the effects of drought, bushfires and extreme rain events and is internationally accepted as a highly effective way to prepare the landscape for climate change. It is also seen as a vital step in moving away from traditional forms of agriculture that cause damage to the environment and emit a significant amount of carbon emissions.

The implications for a broad-scale shire-wide transformation are not only beneficial to the Wingecarribee, but with the improved management of water in our shire (the Sydney water catchment) there will be a significant improvement to Sydney's water capacity and reliability.

This proposed Whole of Shire project is designed to become a pilot program and model for replication for other LGA’s across the Eastern seaboard.

Regen Action has an alliance with the First Nation Gundungurra peoples from the Wingecarribee shire and in respect to them and their elders past, present and emerging we embrace “Proper Way” in all our endeavours.

Whilst capturing emissions is our goal, there are a multitude of additional benefits to the entire Shire if we are to transition our land management practices to that of Sustainable Landscape Regeneration.


  • Capture water and store in ground to mitigate effect of drought and firestorm.

  • Drought-proof = resilience.

  • Irrigates efficiently rather than evaporation.

  • Increases Daily water cycle = Av 100mm additional rainfall equivalent.

  • Cools Landscape, increases plant green mass creating bushfire buffers.

  • Provides environment for carbon sequestration into soils.

  • Slowing flow reduces water damage preventing erosion and topsoil loss.

  • Hydrology management mitigates flash and damaging floods

  • Regenerates habitats and encourages recovery of fauna.


  • Manage the water and absorb the suns energy.

  • Increased pasture and produce growth, yield, nutrition and recovery.

  • Accelerates nature’s process of fertility to the high ground using gravity to regenerate depleted soils.

  • Greater diversity and more sustainable resilience for producers.

  • Increased nutrient density of produce.

  • Cools Landscape and Attracts rain


  • Environmentally supported and endorsed from Nature Based Solutions.

  • Carbon sequestration for shire – ½ land at 1% - 2% carbon can account for the entire CO2e emissions for the entire Wingecarribee Shire.

  • Increased Ecological outcomes from abatement of species extinction and increase of habitat.


  • Increased yields by 20% & Significant reduction in costs (natural & free)

  • Estimated Approx. cost of $150 per acre Vs till, spray, super & supplements.

  • Est. $50-$100/ acre carbon credit pa to landowners

  • Increased asset value -10% - 20% beyond normal market increase

  • Sustainable business with a landscape that can function almost automatically

Ideally we would really like this to be a joint effort between the Wingecarribee Shire Council and the Regen Action with the intention of educating and facilitating the process of land managers committing to initiating Landscape Regeneration practices on their own properties of their own accord and financial outlay.

We have the opportunity to establish our Shire as the first in Australia to embrace Landscape Regeneration across the board. Doing so will provide a unique opportunity to our local food producers to be able to label their produce as of supreme nutritional quality, therefore able to attract top dollar for their products. Our status as first Landscape Regeneration Shire in Australia will also attract great interest in eco-tourism. The model of the Wingecarribee Regeneration will be able to be replicated and rolled out across the country, with our Shire held up as the example and the leading light. All of these opportunities offer the prospect of job growth and prosperity for our community.

Adopted Approach

As part of Regen Action's commitment to ensuring the sustainability of the program, we are creating a network where landowners can support each other and offer assistance and knowledge where required.

  • A shire wide media campaign to engage the community in the project and encourage participation in a number of education events. This will include filming short stories on current practitioners in the area for use as educational material.

  • Educational event/seminar to promote the benefits of a shire-wide transition to landscape regeneration practices to provide information and education to landowners and the general community. This event will be in the form of a panel discussion where landowners, landscape regeneration practitioners, scientists, and the local council can speak to the project and answer questions from the community on the implementation.

  • Regen Action will facilitate a team of practitioners/instructors to travel within the region to educate, inspire, and up-skill land managers.

  • Regen Action to provide a series of practical workshops and field days to provide landowners with an introduction to the practice of landscape regeneration and the practical skills and knowledge needed to implement on their properties. 


The proposed project is designed to bring about a regeneration of the landscape, and the community itself. Connections between landowners, landscape regeneration practitioners, and the general public will be nurtured to build a community of like-minded people who are able to support and guide each other over many years as they transition their community's landscape to be managed by Landscape Regeneration principals.

Landscape Regeneration is the fastest growing environmental and sustainable practice in the world today. Regen Action can forge the path ahead for all shire's to commit to Landscape Regeneration in order to address emissions reductions.

The co-ordinators will be in touch.

Meet the Co-ordinators


Robert Skinner

A Landscape Regeneration advocate and practitioner. A student of the Natural Environment with a deep realisation that the recovery of the Australian Landscape has the most potential  to heal the environment and also save humanity from it's hubris.

A believer in the capacity of Community co-operation and collaboration to unite and make our region an example to the world of how we can collectively achieve an environmental regeneration that is both sustainable and automatic.

To ensure that we can achieve this to the benefit of our environment, our commerce and the very fabric of our social world. 

Consensus, Collaboration, Co-operation and Communication within Community when applied with Truth and Transparency is where I want to exist.  


Kirstine Lumb-McKay

Kirstine McKay is an international award winning journalist, television reporter, writer, presenter, actor, sustainability educator, garden designer and with her husband raises chickens, bees, veggies and three boys. Kirstine is passionate about our natural environment and seeks to inspire and share her experience of a sustainable lifestyle , living lightly on the planet in the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands. 

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