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We Are Regen Action

We believe that plants play a central role in our modern lifestyle and wellbeing by transforming rural landscapes, national reserves and urban spaces into beautiful, healthy and sustainable environments. 

Most of today’s sustainability efforts, while commendable and of critical importance, are based in a mindset of reducing negative environmental and social impacts caused by human behavior. We have an opportunity, if not a pressing need, to move beyond a mindset of being “less bad.”

The paradigm of regeneration has been gaining momentum as a different, powerful approach for thinking about the challenges of the 21st century. Regeneration, as a mindset, is focused on developing the capacity and capability for systems evolution. It is not about maintaining what is, or restoring something to what it was. Rather, it is about creating systems (e.g. places, companies, and communities) that have the capacity to evolve toward increasing states of health and vitality over time.

When creating change, mindsets and paradigms matter. Too often, perhaps, we focus on what to do differently (e.g. turn off lights, get regular exercise, or restore riparian areas). At times we work on changing what we or others think about (e.g. saving energy, health, or ecological restoration). Rarely do we actively work on how we think (e.g. examining paradigms, recognizing and choosing frameworks to structure our thinking, identifying the values and beliefs that drive our actions). Realizing the potential for local and global regeneration requires that we upgrade our how we think, not just what we think about or what we do.


Here’s how we work:

  • We are a flat-structure not-for-profit organisation. We believe in open, honest communication and backing our smart people so they can focus on what they’re great at. Because developing the capacity and capability for systems evolution, people and results matter, titles do not.

  • We collaborate with our partners to establish the right team for the project across disciplines.

  • We are transparent and collaborate with our partners to establish an open working model. This creates alignment and ensures both parties are moving forward together.

  • We are motivated by results. We are inquisitive, push boundaries, sweat the detail and work in an agile, sprint-based mode to ensure we deliver. Continuously!

  • We have fun — it’s not brain surgery!

Would you like to be a part of an organisation with strong values and play a role in realising the potential for Landscape Regeneration as we upgrade our how we think, not just what we think about or what we do?

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